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Professionalism is key at Muzzle Point Firearms Safety.  Over 40 years of firearms ownership and training is at your personal service. Multiple certifications and diverse approaches. Including civilian, law enforcement, NRA and other professional certifications. Specializing in transforming the new gun owner into an experienced and knowledgeable professional. Enjoy a variety of learning opportunities at Muzzle Point Firearms Safety. Explore our site to find more information. Everyone is an equal regardless of experience. 


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In any of our professional programs, students will receive instruction and learn techniques from top industry experts. Take a look below at the programs available, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.


Presenting: "The Basics" at Muzzle Point Firearms Safety and The NRA Gun Safety Seminar

All about Shooting Sports

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I specialize in where shooting sports can take you...Would you like to learn about advanced handgun skills, personal protection in the home, shotgun diversity or maybe shoot a police marksmen rifle at 300 yards. Learn how to start out in Steel Challenge, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Knock Down, bowling pin, 3 Gun, Trap/Skeet or long range shooting. The list goes on and on with shooting sports and we can help with it all. We can guide you until you are comfortable and want to go out all on your own. We will get you ready, relaxed and free of the intimidating factors associated with just starting out or entering your first match/competition. Welcome to Muzzle Point Firearms Safety!

Jump In! with The NRA Gun Safety Seminar along with "The Basics" course!

"The Basics" course is a comprehensive introduction to firearms ownership, operation and resource digest. The course work is in conjunction with the NRA Gun Safety Seminar. This course is offered as a standalone 4 hour class or with a specific platform or discipline. The 4 hour course is $125 per student for in person sessions.  There is no live fire in "The Basics Course" but by the end of the course the student will be fully prepared to go to the range and shoot either independently or with an instructor. This is a great place to start and prepare for years of safe ownership and future shooting sports experience. Certificates are issued. This course satisfies some states ownership requirements and all prerequisites are covered for all of our other shooting classes. Multiple firearms platform are discussed. Register with the NRA links below and you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. Text me with questions 973-464-1974.

Handgun Class

A Perfect Fit

Muzzle Point Firearms Safety offers many choices for the handgun owner. We offer the NRA 1st Steps Hangun certification in conjunction with "The Basics" course or as a standalone certification. Class sizes are kept on the smaller side to provide for a more specialized service and direct personal attention. We also specialize in one on one range instruction for those that have completed either of these courses.


About Us

Safety First!

Greetings folks, 
  My pleasure to meet you. My name is Sean Conrad. I have been in the mix with firearms since 9 years old. This gave me a large degree of experience prior to becoming a police officer in 1990. In 1990 I went into the police academy and qualified as an NRA police expert. Within a few years after the Academy I was assigned as the lead firearms instructor and range master for a local police agency. Upon reaching the rank of Sergeant I dedicated a portion of my time to increase my curriculum and studies in law enforcement; use of force and firearms proficiency. Not only handgun, but also shotgun and police rifle. In New Jersey, we were one of the first police agencies to establish a full patrol rifle program. This was after the years of Columbine, early 2000s. One of the anchor points that I established early was that of firearm safety. Firearm safety is the most important and paramount consideration in owning, training or using a firearm. Safety  encompasses and protects not only you as the owner but also those that live with you and around you. Learn how to protect them from harm, how to protect them with a firearm and also how to protect them from the firearm. I was fortunate enough to be promoted up the ranks and retiring as Chief of Police. Along the way I learned a lot. I obtained well over 100 certifications. The most important thing I learned is to share. I am dedicating MPFS into sharing my learned knowledge and experience. I am an NRA Certified Instructor in multiple firearms platforms. In both civilian and law enforcement disciplines. I believe that all law abiding citizens should exercise their second amendment rights. By doing this the right and responsible way. Shooting sports has also been a big portion of my life and it always will be. Muzzle Point Firearms Safety is all about safe and effective firearms ownership. Knowledge, skill and ability are key but they are second to respect. They are second to the acknowledgement that as Americans we have to do these things right. Men and women, boys and girls time and time again have fought for our precious rights such as these. Their lives are NO small thing. Let's protect what they fought for. Make it safe and make it fun. 

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